VinoWeek Episode 18 - Fast Food Wine

Amazon has started selling beer, Champagne, wine and spirits in France.  While I'm still not sure it's for real, Burger King looks to be giving away wine to celebrate its four decades of business in Spain. Starbuck's is no longer just a place to get your morning caffeine jolt.  Elin McCoy checks our their new evening program of adult beverages and small plates.  The trend of fast food joints offering wine to go with your meals continues to expand.

Writing for Business Insider Libby Kane asks Jorn Kleinhans, owner of The Sommelier Company, to recommend ten words to look for on wines under $25 dollars. It's a good read with lots of good information.

Whether you're looking for a new way to open a bottle of wine or a way to treat those pesky red wine stains, 14 simple hacks every wine drinker should know is bound to give you a few new ideas.

If you haven't heard Bill and I get on our soapbox and talk about the importance of serving wine at the proper temperature, here we go again.  This time we have a little help from the folks at Tablas Creek, who issued a re-post on said subject to help hammer the point home.

This week'swine recommendation hails from Cantina Tramin of northern Italy. For some of you this may be drinking out of your comfort zone, but it's textbook Gewurztraminer. If you're a Gewurztraminer fan put this one on your bucket list.

Thanks for listening and tell your fellow wino friends about us. Cheers!