VinoWeek Episode 19 - Winovation

Blue Morph based out of the East Bay has developed a waterless tank sanitizing system that uses advanced short-wave ultraviolet ray technology. A unit has already been installed at one of the Jackson Family Wine production facilities in Santa Rosa, Ca., where Julien Gervreau senior sustainability managerestimates 250,000 gallons a year could be saved at each JFW facility that uses the technology.  

Vijay Singh a biochemical engineer has created a new fermentation device that cuts down on water usage and the manual labor associated with winemaking. Dana Nigro provides some of the details in a piece for Wine Spectator.

A high speed railway proposed for Sauternes has vintners in the area anxious. More troubling than that are concerns over higher than normal rates of cancer in small children in the same area.

Jeremy Parzen has been doing a great job of keeping us up to date on the latest wine adulteration scandal in Italy. The scandal has prompted the editors of the 2016 Gambero Rosso to suspend some Frulian producers of Sauvignon Blanc from their list of Tre Bicchieri.   

Fresh off the sale of her successfulJ Vineyard and Winery, Judy Jordan is making an investment in Oregon viticulture. Instead of getting out of the wine business it looks like she's just changing business addresses.  

If you're wondering what to get that special wine lover in your life for Christmas here it is. Coravin has just introduced their second generation model.

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