VinoWeek Episode 12 - Humor, Defamation and Cooked Books

Ron Washam aka The Hosemaster of Wine finally gets someone to threaten to sue him.   One of his recent satirical works did not strike the funny bone of Mr. Georg Riedel,  as he had his lawyers fire off a firm request for a retraction of said article.  Michael Ru Bello's bankruptcy filing for his California construction company is causing a lot of headaches for his creditors and for several high profile wine industry players, that worked with him.  David Stoneberg and Sasha Paulsen do a good job of putting the pieces together while explaining how it all went south.  Sandro Boscaini - 'Mr. Amarone' has taken a bold step and listed Masi Agricola on the Italian stock market.  Is this the beginning of a trend?  Several wine projects move forward in the Kenwood area of Sonoma County as the debate over the expansion of wineries in Northern California continues.  Margaret Rand writes a piece for Decanter magazine titled, Six Signs You're Becoming a Wine Buff.  If you have more than a passing interest in wine and you must or your wouldn't be reading this, you'll be able to relate to several of her points.   As always thanks for listening and tell a friend about our podcast.  Cheers