VinoWeek EP 6 - Week of April 19

On this week's VinoWeek podcast we discuss Jeff Siegel's article on the premiumization of wine.  Are consumers really trading up for more expensive wines?  Locally here in wine country we have our legislators making an effort to fix something that doesn't seem to be broken.  Derek Moore pens an interesting post on the legal limbo which barbers and beauty salon owners are finding themselves.  Lake County, Napa north if you will, has been discovered and is gaining more recognition for its microclimates and its rich red volcanic based soils.  If your'e a music lover, a foodie and a wine lover hurry up and get your tickets for Bottle Rock Napa 2015.  The entertainment line-up looks great and the food, beer and wine choices on offer will be spectacular.  We touch on  some more local politics involving the newly proposed Dairyman Winery and a change in ownership of one of the top wine retail destinations for wine lovers in Sonoma County.  We are holding our breath and hoping that the new owner doesn't make any drastic changes to the Bottle Barn.  Christopher Barnes writes and article for Grape Collective, highlighting ViniVeri and Giampiero Bea's philosophy on natural winemaking.  We hope you enjoy the podcast and learn a few things as well.  If you like what you hear, be social and tell a friend.  Thanks for listening and cheers!