VinoWeek Episode 25 - Lawsuits, Fake Wine and Saber Fun!

Roughly ten percent of the bottles in convicted wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurnaiwan's wine cellar were deemed fakes and were sent to Creedmore, Texas to be destroyed. There's a video of the process, but allegations of fake wine being sold at high end auctions continues to persist. Wine sleuth Maureen Downey and wine expert Gil Lempert-Schwarz are headed to court as Schwarz has asked the court to order Downey to stop defaming him. Unfortunately, there appears to be more than enough fake wine to go around. Caveat emptor!

New York wine retailer Empire Wine's ongoing lawsuit against the New York State Liquor Authority has taken a turn in favor of the NYSLA, after Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have limited the state's power.  

Bill Swindell reports for the Press Democrat on the legal problems facing Truett-Hurst. As shares for the company hover at low penny stock levels, it's a sobering reminder of how difficult the wine business can be.

E J Gallo increases its footprint in Napa Valley with the purchase of The Ranch Winery in St. Helena

John Fox, owner of Premier Cru, a wine retailer in Berkeley, California, amid numerous lawsuits and claims of running a Ponzi scheme, has closed his retail shops' doors and elected to continue business through online sales only. All of the bad press of late must have made it very uncomfortable for him and his staff to conduct business face to face with the public. If you have made purchases and would like to pick your wine up, you can still do so by making an appointment. 

This video may be as close as you can get to Champagne without visiting in person.

You left your saber at home, but you still want to show off to your friends. The guys at VinePair show that there's more than one way to open a bottle of bubbly.  

Wine of the Week:

2012 Clos de los Siete

2012 Clos de los Siete

2012 Clos de los Siete

 57% Malbec, 18% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Syrah and 2% Petit Verdot -  Opaque in the glass, aromas of black fruit, cocoa and spice, good concentration, smooth tannins and a long finish. Made by rock star winemaker Michel Rolland who collaborates with seven French partners at five different wineries in Argentina. An excellent value at $14 to $16. Break out the roasted meats and steaks.






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