VinoWeek Episode 21 - Wine Tasting Survival

Harvesthas concluded in Sonoma County and vintners are happy with what they have tasted thus far. Bill Swindell gives us a quick look at what winemakers and farmers have to say about the 2015 vintage, one of the earliest on record.

German agri-chemical giant Bayer has acknowledged that one of its products sold throughout Europe has caused stunted development of the berries for certain wine growers. Although the cause has yet to be determined Bayer is already taking steps to compensate growers that have suffered losses.  

Danny Meyer wants to change the way employees are compensated at his thirteen full service restaurants. The most controversial part of his plan is the elimination of tipping.  Aimed at equalizing the pay differences in restaurants, between the front and the back of the house and addressing pending mandatory minimum wage price increases being proposed in the legislature, his move to emulate the European modelfor fine dining sans tipping, will have lots of restaurant owners and workers watching closely. In a very detailed piece for New York Eater, Ryan Sutton examines the pros and cons of Mr. Meyer's altruism.  

Joey Casco posted a blog titled 'The Harsh, Drunken Truth on Wine Trade Tastings'. He includes a personal story that is well, let's just say very sobering. Bill and I use his blog as a springboard to offer some additional tips on how to survive a wine tasting.  

The wine of the week is Luciano Saetti's 2014 Vigneto Saetti Lambrusco Salamino. Luciano farms organically and crafts his wines without the addition of sulphites. The color is medium garnet and shows a beautiful pink froth when poured. Aromas of black cherry, plum and a hint of cola are evident on the palate as well. Perfect acidity and balance its bone dry. 12% abv - Pair this lovely Lambrusco with charcuterie, your favorite cheeses, lasagna, pizza and Italian sausages.  $19 - $20

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