VinoWeek Episode 20 - Maleficence in the Wine World

Paul Prudhomme a legend in Cajun and Creole cuisine has died. Daniela Galarza profiles the accomplishments of one of America's first celebrity chefs. Prudhomme is credited with trade marking Turducken, a dish  that always graced the Thanksgiving table of NFL commentator John Madden. Be sure to check out the video of Paul explaining the essence of a southern favorite Red Beans and Rice.

Jane Anson reports that Bordeaux grape growers are planting hedges around vineyards in a effort to limit pesticide drift near schools and sports fields.

Suzanne Mustacich writes a piece for the Wine Spectator detailing how serious the problem of counterfeiting wine has become in China. The estimate of the amount of counterfeits is astonishing.

In California, two wine collectors have filed lawsuits against an established wine retailer, claiming they failed to deliver on wines purchased years ago. Peter Hellman gives a good overview of the disagreement.

Two former employees of Donkey & Goat Winery a boutique producer in Berkeley, Ca. , are facing charges of embezzlement totaling over $70,000. Frances Dinkelspiel details the allegations they face and also gives examples of other recent wine crimes.

Steve Heimoff interviews Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. They discuss wine, homelessness and the gig economy. This is part II of a three part series. All three parts are worthy reads.

Our white wine recommendation this week is the 2012 Monte Tondo Soave Classico. This vintage may be hard to locate because the current offering is from 2013. Any wine can age, but does it age well or better yet  improve is the question? The 2012 offering from Monte Tondo is a wonderful sipper to usher in autumn. Pear and honeyed lemon aromas are complimented by juicy pear and peach flavors on the palate. The finish is of medium length and very smooth . This Soave has indeed aged well.  Soave works well with appetizers, fried foods, vegetables and pasta dishes with lightly flavored sauces. 12.5% alc $15 -$17

If you're looking for a nice bottle of Malbec don't miss out on the 2012 Bodegas Colome. Opaque in the glass with a blueberry, boysenberry, baking spice nose. On palate more red fruits, cocoa, fig and spice. Firmly tannic and slightly chewy this wine calls for steak and boldly flavored meat dishes. 14.5% alc $17 - $20

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