Sauvignon Blanc - The Wild White


Sauvignon Blanc is a great bang for your buck wine. Most of the wines featured in this  show retail for $13 or less and none of the wines cost more than $18.   Good quality and value is what you can look forward to when you drink Sauvigon Blanc.  It's possible to spend more than twenty dollars on a bottle of Sauvigon Blanc,  but the increase in quality relative to what you pay is marginal.


Sauvignon Blanc is food friendly and pairs well with oysters, shellfish, Sushi, Thai  and Indian cuisine.  Sauvigon Blanc goes well with many cheeses as well and a  classic pairing partner for Sauvigon Blanc is goat cheese.

Taste along with us and learn about the different styles of Sauvignon Blanc as we discuss wines from five different countries.