Episode 14 - Enigmatic Riesling

German Riesling can be enigmatic.  Searingly bone dry to decadently sweet Riesling can display a wide variety of quality levels and styles.  The riddle of Riesling is tied to it's tightrope act of acidity and delicious fruity  sweetness.  Germany's cool northerly grape growing climate, with a  diverse topography punctuated by steep hillside vineyards composed of  slate and shale, and the tension of acidity vs sweetness in the finished   wine is what makes great Riesling so unique and impossible for other grape growing regions to duplicate. 


In this show you will learn what Riesling taste like, the different regions where it's cultivated, how to read the   labels, how to better judge if a bottle is likely to be dry semi dry or  sweet and hopefully a great deal more.

Join Vino101 as we navigate tongue twisting winery, village and  site names and attempt to decode old fashioned labels and the constantly   changing wine label terminology that is the world of German Riesling.